COBRA Health Insurance * California COBRA Continuation
Insurance Coverage

If you have COBRA insurance, you've probably noticed how high the premiums seem to be getting. In many cases, it you have a serious preexisting condition, it may be best to keep this insurance as long as you can. Thankfully, in many states there are COBRA continuation options which are usually HIPAA plans sponsored by the state that will extend your coverage once your COBRA insurance expires. The problem is that the rate for these plans are usually very high as well. In some states, the rates are fairly reasonable.

In the state of California, for example, we had a client who was running out of COBRA insurance and needed to find some COBRA continuation insurance, especially since she had a chronic preexisting condition.

Thankfully, we were able to find a state HIPAA plan offered by Aetna with reasonable rates. Since she submitted her application along with her certificate of creditable coverage well within the 63 day timeframe after coming off of COBRA, she was approved and her preexisting conditions would be covered under the new policy. This was vital because she was currently going through major treatments at her local medical clinic and needed immediate benefits.

If you are soon coming off of COBRA or your COBRA insurance rates are getting too high, give us a call or Click Here to fill out a request form and see if we can help you with your particular situation.



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