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Brandon offers medical, dental, vision, short-term medical and travel medical coverage. To apply for supplemental insurance (dental, vision, short-term, and/or travel medical) Click Here.

If you and your family are reasonably healthy, you should be able to qualify for a fully underwritten major medical health plan. Please give us a call to discuss the advantages of applying to particular carriers depending on your health history and the specific coverage options you are seeking.


Are you struggling to find good health insurance coverage for you and your family? Running your own business or working for a company that doesn't offer health insurance? Whether you are a recent graduate or early retiree - Aetna can help. Plans are designed to make it easy for you to find and choose the coverage that's right for you and your family.

At Health their intent is providing an array of plans so you can select what works best for you and your family. In addition, they offer a variety of programs to help you make decisions about your health care needs. Health Net offers the flexibility to choose a different coverage option for each member of your family.

Humana's personal health plans were designed so that you can find one just right for your age, lifestyle, and health history. And with a wide range of additional options you can shape your coverage to your specific needs. HumanaOne was created with people just like you in mind - to protect you when you need care and help you manage healthcare costs.

Assurant provides health coverage for those who are not covered through employer or other group health plans. Their individual health insurance products offer flexible features designed to protect an individual and his or her family.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona has health plans specifically designed for Arizona residents who don't have health insurance through their employer. Plans include PPO, HSA, and HMO all designed to meet your needs.

UnitedHealth One understands the importance of your time and concern for the value of your health-care dollars. You will find they go far beyond the industry average, processing an overwhelming majority of health insurance claims. Their goal for every customer is an insurance plan at a price that fits his or her needs and budget.


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