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Brandon has specialized in working with individuals and families who may have moderate to severely chronic preexisting conditions, and has negotiated access to quality carriers who may be able to offer diabetic insurance, for example, or coverage to those with a history of cancer or heart issues, etc.

Let us give a for instance. In one case we were working with a recently retired nurse in Arizona named Betty. She had COBRA insurance from work which was soon going to expire, but yet she was not old enough for Medicare. So she still had several years in which she would need her own private insurance, especially since she was not particularly interested in returning back to work just for the purpose of obtaining health insurance.

One major problem though, was that Betty had DIABETES. Since most major medical carriers would decline coverage for diabetic health insurance applicants, she would therefore need a good individual diabetes insurance plan to cover her as a 'bridge to Medicare.' What options would be available to her?

Brandon was able to design a very viable diabetes health insurance plan for her that involved obtaining a primary HIPAA compliant PPO insurance plan (limited benefit) along with supplemental coverage plan to help cover the gaps in the primary plan. In the health insurance industry, this is sometimes referred to as 'stacking coverage,' or 'stackable coverage.' Oftentimes, the carriers that issue these types of plans can approve individuals who have moderate to severe preexisting conditions (Keep in mind that we are NOT talking about discount health programs or discount health card memberships, which our firm refuses to offer. We are referring to true health insurance plans, such as indemnity or other supplemental health plans offered by very highly rated carriers). In some cases these plans are able to not only issue the policy for the applicant, but may also be able to cover preexisting conditions with NO waiting period, especially in cases where prior coverage has been maintained.

The significant advantage of this strategy is that an individual applicant can often be approved for quality coverage through both a primary and a secondary plan that in many cases can be more than sufficient to cover medically necessary hospital stays and surgical procedures, as well as routine benefits in the form of physician visits, lab testing, and even prescription benefits.

Whether you need a diabetes insurance plan package, or have other moderate to chronic health conditions, Plan Benefits Group can help you find a more than adequate solution.

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